Old fashioned herbal remedies.  Copper bracelets, Gentian Violet, Black drawing salve, Tea tree oil, Lye soap, Oil of Wintergreen and many hard to find herbs.

Home Remedies

Herbal tea remedy, Colon Clenz, Rock Alum, Merthiolate Tincture, Quinine Sulfate leg cramp, SSS Tonic, Gentian Violet for Thrush, Cloverine Salve and much more.


Directions to Dr. Champion's Pharmacy.

Order Herbal Remedies Now

Quinine leg cramp, Alum Powder, Corn Husker’s Lotion, Percy Medicine, Lye Octagon Soap, Black and White Cream, Gentian Violet Treatment, Solstice Quick Rub


Natural herbal remedies:  Oil of Wintergreen, Heet liniment, Tiger Balm ointment, Black and White ointment, Percy medicine, 1 Gentian Solution Violet, etc.

Misc. Chemicals & Oils

Tea tree oil, Alum powder, Camphor gum, Bevills lotion, Gentian violet treatment, Solstice Quick Rub, 1 Gentian Solution Violet, and others.

Herbs, Tonics & Vitamins

Lydia E Pinkham, Resinol Ointment, Alfalco, SSS Tonic, Mutton tallow and more.

Skin and Hair Care

Black drawing salve for boils, Corn Husker’s hand lotion, Octagon soap, Cloverine salve, Sayman salve, Cuticura soap, Grand Pa's Pine Tar Soap, Lye soap, Resinol ointment and much more!

Cough and Cold

Alcolol, Mutton Tallow, Lydia E. Pinkham, Alfalco, SSS Tonic, Lye Soap, Gentian violet, black and white ointment, Percy medicine, and others.


Colon Clenz, Carter’s Little Liver Pills, Percy Medicine, Bag Balm Ointment, Gentian Violet Treatment, Solstice Quick Rub, 1 Gentian Solution Violet, and many more old fashioned medicines that work.


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